[URE-042] Shame And Pleasure Of The Hypnosis! (English)

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A live-action adaptation of "Reiko the Female Teacher: The Lewd Training Room" by Naruto Chuka, starring the popular Madonna actress Kanako Kase!
Reiko, a female teacher, is assigned to the school where her cousin, Chitose, used to work there to find her missing cousin.
Senkawa, the lunatic principal whose 58-year-old, gave her a sexual remodeling with his hypnosis in the name of her teacher training.
Reiko falls into the trap, and her body begins to desire pleasure against her reason...


Note: This Jav Eng Sub belongs to the credit. Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Jan. 01, 2018
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: URE-042

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March 22, 2021