[SERO-0127] The mother who drugged her son

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The story of this Jav English subtitle is centered on a mother Nagasawa Azusa who has a son named Kenshi, whose father died and left them alone for this horrible tragedy.

The problem lies in two things - the first is that Kenshi sees many pornographic magazines, after doing masturbation several times, he ends up sleeping with his underwear, and the second problem is about a wife without a married life and no sex.

so every morning she enters Kenshi's room to wake him up for school, but every time she sees her son on this behavior, her cheeks become reddish, and start to rebuke him for this matter, but it is useless, Kenshi likes to stay with underwear at home.

so the mother decided to anesthetize her son, Why?! it's a kinda old movie but worth watching...

Quick info about Japanese porn movie:
Release Date: May. 25, 2012
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: SERO-0127
Maker: Erotica.
Cast: Nagasawa Azusa.

Enjoy watching, and again thank you for supporting.

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October 25, 2018