[PPPD-376] JULIA Out In The Cuckold In Hypnosis! (Eng)

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A married woman who has sworn her life only to her husband falls into sex slaves with hypnosis.
This JAV Subtitle about the actress JULIA, a married woman who has insomnia, so she tries "hypnosis" out of curiosity, but that was the beginning of a nightmare...
"JULIA," who was hypnotized and lost reason, was pulled out her clothes and start to get fucked over and over.
After that, she threatened and play with the situation in which she can't refuse.
It is a vaginal cum shot right beside her husband and exposes her nature, and she falls into a sex slave while being disturbed.

Note: This Jav Subtitle English Translate By Fans, So the credit in the intro.

Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Jun 19, 2015
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
Porn ID: PPPD-376
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March 5, 2020