[PPPD-354] The Slutty Female Doctor

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Female Doctor

We bring to life the popular comic to a jav English subtitle, "Female Slave Training" with a performance by beautiful, big-tittied actress Julia! This pretty, intelligent doctor becomes reduced to a sex slave by her father-in-law's training and is totally reformed when she has her true masochistic character exposed!

She falls into a trap and has a mental breakdown when she is betrayed by the sister she trusts and her kind father.

Having lost her self-respect, she finds joy in her training.... The last scene, where she undergoes some group training with the members of the secret club that her father-in-law supervises, is a must-see!! R18

Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Mar. 19, 2015
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: PPPD-354
Maker: Oppai.
Cast: Julia

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November 16, 2018