[OKSN-208] Mother, I don't wanna die a virgin!

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I thought I had a modest happy family of three. One day, however, I came across my son masturbating in my underwear.
Maybe it was the inferiority complex of not knowing any women, or maybe it was frustration. That was how I felt about my unhappy son and accepted him, and that was how it all began...


This story of Javsubbed about a boy Hitoshi was afraid of dying in this world as a virgin and a mother worried about his situation. One day she entered the bathroom and suddenly found her son in a bad position...



You might imagine a mature woman from the title, but she is a young actress with a beautiful body!

The only disadvantage in this film is the son, who uses his mother's kindness against her to selfishly lure and entangle his mother in a kind of rape. However, she accepts such a son at any time. Ayumi Shinoda, you're playing a good mother!


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Sep 19, 2014
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: OKSN-208
Director: Kyousei
Maker: Abc/ Mousou Zoku
Cast: Shinoda Ayumi

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August 9, 2019