[NGOD-071] My Nephew Came To Tokyo To Be Circumcised!

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My new nephew, Kenta, came to Tokyo from the countryside and asked me to stay at my house in Tokyo for a week.
I don’t mind because I’m his uncle, but I wanted to know why he came to Tokyo all of a sudden? So, I asked him, “What’s going on? Kenta’s. He said with a straight face, “I’m going to get a Circumcision surgery at a famous clinic in Tokyo”…


I think she was turned on even before she took off her clothes; in the middle scene, she was naked in the daylight; when she gets into the cowgirl position, I felt my brain go numb when I imagined the feeling of her flesh when she was squeezed closely to me. The bath scene is short, but I can imagine kissing the nape of her neck and rubbing her breasts. The scene of the last peep show and the appearance of face-cum is also good. It’s a pity that the camera has run out a little. The woman on top posture has a good body, but the facial expression was especially good. If you’re a fan of Chisato, you should give it a try.


Note: This Jav with English Subtitle belongs to the credit. Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Mar. 13, 2018
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: NGOD-071

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