[NGOD-068] My Wife Fucked By Kindergarten Head! (English)

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At the private kindergarten that my daughter attends, the board members of the "parent-teacher association" are decided by vote to someone who can handle this position, It seemed that all the mothers were busy, and my wife, who happened to be a full-time housewife, was reluctantly chosen to be a board member.
I, as a husband, watched on with a smile as she busily and happily prepared for the field day and arranged for the play party.
One day, a middle-aged "principal" came to our house, and things started to change suddenly...



Kimijima Mio playing the role of a married woman with a child.

But her misfortune begins when she becomes a board member of the kindergarten's parent-teacher association, Exactly when the school director saw the beauty of Mio and his pheromones, takes notice of her, and turns them into a sexual object.
But Mio, who loves sex and cock, doesn't reject him too much, and they both agree to have an affair,

For me, when she takes her clothes off, she has a great body with big tits, a tight waist, and panties, as well as an erotic body.
My dick was fully erect from her.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Feb 13, 2018
Languages: Japanese.
JavSubtitle: English.
Porn ID: NGOD-068
Cast: Kimijima Mio

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February 17, 2020