[MIDE-950] The Simple Girl Given Magic At Late Night Work Shift!

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Miura is a shy and unassuming college girl, after drinking a drink laced with an aphrodisiac by the tricky store manager she hates, Miura's body becomes unusually sensitive, and she begins to drown in pleasure.
She makes many silly faces, her body leaks fluid, and she becomes a prisoner of the aphrodisiac and climaxes wildly!
She climaxes while shaking her big tits! Miura comes again and again with an expression she can't show to others. (It's all acting and not real!)
Quoted Review from oomoriisqueen:
Holy crap, this is like the best Miura film in years! Her acting was this strange balanced between hilarious, cringy and sexy — it's a stroke of genius (or multiple strokes of genius). I like how rough they got, and the last scene is like an S-tier JAV scene in my eyes.

Note: This Jav Eng Sub belongs to the credit. Thank you.

Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Jul. 13, 2021
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: MIDE-950

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December 5, 2021