[JUY-310] My Wife Turns Into A Slave Woman At Midnight! English Sub

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A serious husband working in a pharmaceutical company, and there's his loyal wife. They are a happy family that can be found anywhere. However, when the clock strikes midnight, the husband becomes the absolute master, and his wife becomes a Slave woman who takes pleasure in humiliation. One day, the husband has his subordinate, Noboru, stay at home with him.
Her husband gives her an order to seduce Noboru lasciviously, and after that, she must give him a drink of medicine that will erase his memory in the end. Unfortunately, the story does not go as planned.


Misaki Honda, the expression of her eyes was rich.
The inviting look, the lewdness of her gaze, I liked it; the content was pretty neat.
However, the blame by Noboru, who knew the reason for being invited, was really disturbing, some of you would like it. Personally, the bukkake scene in the last 30 minutes is good. However, I felt Noboru was a kind person. If I were him, I'd drown the husband in a sea of torment. After all, it was a good movie.


Note: This Jav with English Subtitle belongs to the credit. Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Nov. 19, 2017
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: JUY-310

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December 10, 2020