[JUX-328] The lewd wife in room 202 (jav sub)

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Manga artist Naruto Chuka original plan Lewd Managers 2 ~The lewd wife in room 202~ The wine expert wife Saki Yamanashi Saki Ninomiya

The story begins when the couple Yamanashi who moved to a rented room 202 temporarily until they buying a house.

My wife Saki (Ninomiya Saki) has a wine qualification and a clean young woman who is also giving lectures at wine school.

Tamaki is the janitor of the building, tries some weird stuff to not let Yamanashi's family leave this room, such as peeking in the room of Saki from the ceiling, throws the fishing rod to catch her underwear, tricks Saki with an awkward trap with aphrodisiac wine, make Saki's body became sensitive, and more...


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: May. 25, 2014
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: JUX-328
Maker: Attackers.
Director: Kawaguch.
Cast: Ninomiya Saki

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November 28, 2018