[HND-947] I Started Playing Adultery Games With Her Mother, Julia!

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I fell in love with her mother at first sight. She had a bewitching appearance and large breasts that seemed to spill out of her clothes.
I wondered if she noticed my gaze. Her mother seduced me... "Hey, let's play adultery games," she said with a dirty smile on her face, the face of a woman seducing her daughter's boyfriend.
I'm sure you've heard of it. ...Well, why don't you try it inside me?


Quoted Review From "rdz11" With Some Edit:

This is probably the best of greatest movies of Julia's last two years. (And don't forget how many great movies she has)

Julia is in role milf. Milf from an emperor of fantasy. But she could be in the role of a daughter too.

A) Excellent selection of clothes. All her dresses have a style like from any fashion show. Include sports outfit when she is doing yoga. That's was very nice. She stretches her body like a cat. I guess she has taken inspiration from her cat Ren. Head down and butt up—so hot provocation. We need Yoga lessons with instructor Julia for the next release!

B) First big sex scene is without any drawback. She is fucks in half-dressed in a pretty suit. Skirt up and boobs out into ideal position to lick these juicy ice cream with two hills and cherries on the tops. All positions are grand! Missionary position the greatest and two times. Suck boob and banging. Dream. No more words how awesome it is…sry

C) Maybe you are not a fan of boobs, but what she did in the laundry corner is something you want each morning instead of a green tea. Tuning outfit again. A strong layer of make-up on the face, on sensational tits probably too. Look into her big deep eyes…..Whauu…oooch. THX babe! You are super! Back to play on Nintendo.

D) I could write more. To each, her move, to all her detail. I review the first half of the movie and the second is the same stunning. But I do not want to do a long post.

S) Special point is ordinary to Julia 2021. Her breast has such a soft elastic shape and function now more than usual.
Julia on top in forwarding bend with breasts to head of partner.
Suck and fuck her juicy body – Julia 2K21!


Note: This Jav Eng Sub belongs to the JCrimson. Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Feb. 25, 2021
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: HND-947

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May 11, 2021