[FSET-481] I Fucked His Wife From Early Morning Until Late At Night.

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A man who vows revenge on his boss makes only one mistake in his work and humiliates him in front of the employees.
On a holiday morning, I tricked my boss's wife into going home and making rumor about my boss and flirtation with her while the boss who does not exist; after I did what I want she realizes that the story is a lie, but it's too late...


What I didn't like from my perspective:
・The Scene involving subordinate is too early.
・ The wife is a slut from the beginning.
・ Insufficient consideration for the work, such as the living room lights and the voice of the telephone.

What makes this work is good is the actress Honjou Yuka and her shaved pussy, without any doubt.


Note: This Jav with English Subtitle belongs to the credit, Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Mar. 06, 2014
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: FSET-481

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October 11, 2020