[ADN-145] She Was Fucked In Front Of Her Husband!

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Rika supports her husband looking for a new job while working part-time at a construction site. One day, he went home with his pal.
His name is Tomita, who was fascinated by Rika, appeared to Rika again the next day aiming for her husband's absence.

it's pretty good work, Rika-chan, who is tall and has an outstanding style, and performing well as a young wife who is drowning in pleasure, she was forced to fuck and distorted by pain and fear. Still, I was excited by the pattern I liked, as she gradually became a pleasant and enchanted expression.
The other party, Bokki Sugiura, is also performing a mysterious performance of a devilish old-man who smiles looks creepy.
It was a pity that Rika-chan had long limbs, so I wanted her to finish with her favorite hold with her limbs entwined at the end.
Well, it's a matter of taste, so I think it's a work that you can fully enjoy. *Bad End*


Note: This Jav with English Subtitle belongs to the credit by Kitty house, Thank you.


Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Nov. 25, 2017
Languages: Japanese.
Jav Subtitle: English.
ID: ADN-145

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October 8, 2020